The Best iPad Accessories of 2022

How Apps Can Change Your iPad

The best iPad accessories help expand the power of your iPad, provide additional screen protection, or make the iPad easier to use in general.

Today, there is no shortage of cases, keyboards, styluses and other accessories for your iPad. The best apps can expand your iPad’s capabilities and make it more useful. For example, a magnetic keyboard and stylus can turn your iPad into a sketchbook or laptop for serious writing or graphic design work. To determine what you’ll need from an iPad app, consider what you need from your tablet.

Are you an avid reader who prefers writing to typing?

If so, the stylus may be on the card. Don’t like the keyboard on the iPad screen? A separate keyboard with different viewing angle settings and backlit keys may be what you need for better performance.

Whatever the use, we are big fans of iPad apps that help users save time, work more efficiently, and ultimately be more productive. Along with features specific to each application, you’ll also want products from companies with a solid and trouble-free track record. Let’s not forget the excellent usability and functionality too! A tool wouldn’t be good if it wasn’t useful. So, keep reading to find out more about our picks for the best Apple iPad apps in 2022.

Best iPad Case: JETech iPad Case

JETech box in blue circle


  • ✓ Does not add bulk
  • ✓ Supports two vertical positions
  • ✓ Built-in magnet for automatic wake/sleep


  • ✗ The case is not resistant to cracking

JETech iPad Case is our pick for great iPad cases. It offers a slim design with a synthetic leather exterior, soft microfiber interior and TPU back cover. This case is designed to be thin and light, unlike most traditional cases. Still, it does a great job of protecting from scuffs and scratches.

The JETech box has great ease of use. In addition to a built-in magnet for automatic wake-up and sleep, the case uses a triple system that allows for two vertical positions to accommodate your favorite snacks.

Best of all, the JETech case comes in 10 color options, from neutral black and gray to other colors. This allows you to get the perfect case to match your style.

This case is available for iPad, iPad Mini and iPad Pro. JETech iPad case
JETech’s slim and light iPad case has a triple design that includes two docking positions and a built-in magnet for automatic wake-up and sleep.

Best iPad Screen Protector: Xiron Paperfeel Screen Protector

artist on ipad by Xiron cover Chiron


  • ✓ Anti-fire properties
  • ✓ Matte film creates a paper-like surface
  • ✓ Protects the screen from scratches and scratches


  • ✗ Not the easiest thing to install
  • ✗ Apple’s Pencil tips can be overrated with heavy use

The Xiron Paperfeel Screen Protector is an awesome iPad screen protector across the board. As the name suggests, the person who covers this screen gives paper as thanks to the combination of different materials that give a high effect and reduce light.

Just as important, the Xiron Paperfeel screen protector does a unique job of sticking to the surface of your screen. When applied properly, it will not create bubbles. It’s compatible with Face ID, so you don’t have to worry about unlocking your iPad. Thanks to the unique design of the screen saver, drawing and writing is attractive and responsive. Many users praised its texture, great grip when using the Apple Pencil, and better drawing capabilities than traditional screen protectors with their paper-like feel. This screen protector is compatible with the 12.9 inch iPad Pro.

Best Pencil for iPad: Apple Pencil 2

Someone who uses the Apple Pencil to draw ghosts apple


  • ✓ Air charging
  • ✓ Flat surface for comfortable grip
  • ✓ Connects magnetically to iPad mini (6th generation), iPad Pro and iPad Air


  • ✗ Dear
  • ✗ Not a permanent edge

Apple is constantly developing apps for the iPad and the Apple Pencil 2 is no different. The second-generation Apple Pencil improves upon its predecessor with improved latency and a fun new feature that makes the stylus easier to hold.

The sensitivity of the Apple Pencil 2 is also flawless. The powerful combination of the iPad Pro’s 120Hz refresh rate, mechanical design, and matte touch makes the stylus feel great on the iPad screen.

One of our favorite features of the Apple Pencil 2 is its charging system. The stylus uses the magnet on the top of your iPad to sync with the charger. By carefully storing the Apple Pencil 2 on your iPad, you can expect your battery to never run out. Although it is expensive, the Apple Pencil 2 is head over heels for the competition from copycats.

Best iPad Keyboard: Logitech Keyboard Case for iPad

A person using a Logitech iPad keyboard on a desk Logitech


  • ✓ 4 years of independence
  • ✓ Well-defined keys
  • ✓ Curved construction and solid rubber bumpers


  • ✗ Keys can be skipped by using large objects
  • ✗ The keyboard cannot be removed from the box

The Logitech Keyboard Cover for iPad is fast. Long considered as a cheaper alternative to Apple’s Magic Keyboard, this turns your iPad into a laptop with functionality as both a keyboard and a case. A magnetic closure closes your folio, with excellent protection from a sturdy construction and a large rubber bumper designed for taps. In terms of touch response, the Logitech keyboard for iPad is very responsive. The keys are well spaced and each carries a slightly rubbery feel for added comfort. The built-in backlight also helps a lot in finding keys in the dark. The Logitech case has an impressive battery life of 4 years thanks to two replaceable batteries. It also lasts for 3 months on a single charge and has a number of power saving features in place, including auto-off when connected to a tap mode. If you’re looking for cheaper, more durable protection than Apple’s Smart Keyboard Folio for your iPad, this keyboard case is a great choice.

The Logitech iPad Keyboard doubles as a case with a large impact-resistant rubber bumper, providing stronger protection than the Smart Keyboard Folio.

Best headphones for iPad: Apple AirPods Pro (2nd generation)

Apple AirPods Pro 2 with iPhone Kris Wouk/ Useful Geek


  • ✓ Good sound quality
  • ✓ ANC is very active
  • ✓ Adjustable hearing protection protects your hearing
  • ✓ Spacebar with head focus turns your iPad into a mini movie
  • ✓ Useful new volume control


  • ✗ Only available in white

Each of Apple’s AirPods is a great companion for your iPad, whether you’re listening to music or watching YouTube videos. That said, if you’re looking for something that will block out the world and let you focus on your music or videos, the second AirPods Pro is the perfect choice. Why? AirPods Pro has active noise cancellation (ANC), unlike standard AirPods. The noise cancellation on the original AirPods was nothing special, but that changed with the new AirPods Pro, which boast noise cancellation that is close to the class.

Even better, Spatial Audio is greatly improved in the new AirPods Pro. While it’s great for music, Spatial Audio is better for watching movies on your iPad. When the head is turned on, it’s more like a movie being played through the speakers in the room than through the headphones you’re wearing. If you have an iPhone, MacBook, or other Apple device, AirPods Pro will easily accompany you from device to device.

Apple uses iCloud to detect the device you’re using at any time, automatically streaming audio to your AirPods Pro without the need to switch. The charging case has also seen major improvements since the first one. It has a built-in microphone and Find My connection to make lost headphones a thing of the past. The new case also has other ways to charge, with support for charging through the Lightning port, MagSafe, Qi wireless charger, and even Apple Watch charger.

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