Cell Forge Pro APK Download for Android Latest Version

The internet is great! With only a few clicks you can watch your favorite shows or movies, stream the music you like or chat with friends across the globe. But since most data plans are limited and unlimited plans cost a fortune you are bound to run out of data eventually! Running out of data sucks! Loading times become unbearable and beyond texting you can’t really do much. Luckily our friends over at Cell Forge provided us with their new app Cell Forge Pro APK” so we can share it with you!

There are two way’s to get the Cell Forge Pro APK on your iPhone

  1. The first method is to connect your iPhone via the Lightning able to your PC or Mac and use the Desktop App to load Cell Forge Pro onto your device.
  2. The second method is to directly load the App onto your iPhone via direct app transfer. You can choose this if you do not have a PC or Mac. However, this process is a bit more complicated so we always recommend using a computer Downloading Cell Forge Pro to your Mac or PC If you want to download the Cell Forge Pro app to your Mac or PC first follow this instruction.

    Download the file right here on MacCrunch.com using the link at the bottom of the article. Once the file is downloaded you need to unpack it in order to load it on your phone. Now you need to connect your phone to your Mac or PC via cable (Lightning, USB, etc.). Now start the setup on your Mac or PC and collect your connected phone as shown bellow.

    Download for iOSDownload for AndroidPC & Mac Sideloader Download Cell Forge Pro to your phone Once you selected your phone you need to download Cell Forge Pro onto your device. The setup will automatically recognize if your phone is an Android or Apple device and adjust the settings accordingly. Cell Forge Pro APK is now being downloaded onto your device, this will take no longer than a minute. Once the application is downloaded onto your device you can unplug your phone and start the installation process on your mobile device. Install the application on your phone You now need to start the Cell Forge Pro APK on your phone by clicking on the app icon. Once the App is loaded you need to click on ‘Launch’. In the options shown below you need to select the ‘Enable Unlimited Data’ option. This will ensure that the right setup is installed onto your device. Cell Forge Pro APK will load the unlimited data setup onto your device. This usually will take less than a minute but may occasionally take longer, depending on your cell phone carrier and country. Done! Enjoy unlimited data on your phone! That’s it! The only thing you need to do now is to restart your device, so your data usage configuration can be read and applied by your carrier. Now your data consumption will not be monitored by your carrier anymore! If you enter a new country where your carrier hasn’t installed any infrastructure or cell phone towers you may want to monitor your data usage. We haven’t tried this outside of the US and Canada so Cell Forge Pro APK may only work with your domestic carrier.

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