It’s Okay to Keep Your Tablet in a Drawer

There is not a single area of ​​life that is not affected by technology. We’ve gone from turning broken pages to cleaning. From recording songs as they explode in the air to listening on demand. Maybe you’re close to the screen (you’re here, all the time). In fact, technology allows us to do many amazing things. We can now shop for goods without leaving home and save lives using 3D printed parts. But, as technology develops, there is one thing that is becoming harder and harder to do: removal.

Do we really need another screen?

This week, Google announced the new Pixel tablet, which will arrive in 2023. In the release, the tech giant showed how the Pixel tablet will “reimagine how a tablet can always be useful in your home .”

According to Google, “Tablets are not in our house. Hiding in a drawer, not set up, risk of disconnection or just a dead battery.

Google is not bad. I myself have a broken tablet until I feel the need to browse Amazon or read something other than my phone. But I agree with that. Why? Because the rest of the day I work at a computer screen, scroll through social media, check the weather app, the list goes on.

Many glasses have become an important part of our daily life. Do we need more?

Digital water is real Products

like blue light blocking glasses are readily available to reduce eye strain. Standing desks are popular for preventing and relieving back pain while we work. While these are fantastic inventions to improve our technology experience, are they enough? There is a deeper issue here that goes beyond the physical. The truth is that some of us are sleepy.

A recent study by Deloitte found that the average home in the United States has 22 devices. The same study found that 24% of consumers are overwhelmed with devices and subscriptions they need to manage. He has a good sense. While we text colleagues on Slack, we video chat through Zoom. And while we’re scouring Pinterest for dinner plans, we’re also scouring Netflix for new trends to eat.

In this always-on world we live in, it sometimes feels like we’re stuck in an episode of The Jetsons (minus the flying car).

What shall we do?

A simple answer may be to quit wherever and whenever possible. Close the drawer and walk away
Beyond our screens, the real world awaits us. There were football games, s’mores and bad jokes. There are sunsets, dogs and the seven wonders.

Although we need our smartphones or our computers every day, there is much more to life than that. And if life really wants us to put our tablets in our drawers for a while, so be it.

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