ProtonVPN Releases Stealth Protocol to Dodge Internet Censorship 2022

We have launched a new ProtonVPN method, Stealth, which can avoid detection and allow you to bypass internet censorship and VPN restrictions.

We are proud to announce Stealth, a new undetectable VPN solution that can bypass most firewalls and VPN blocking methods. You’ll be able to bypass advanced VPN blocks, access censored sites, and chat with people on social media, even if your government is trying to block access.

Why ProtonVPN privacy important?

In 2017, we launched Proton VPN because there is nothing like a reliable, trustworthy and free VPN service. Our motivation is simple. Because our services, like Proton Mail, play such an important role in ensuring freedom and privacy around the world, we know that authoritarian governments will eventually try to block them.

But with Proton VPN, people can bypass these restrictions and still use Proton Mail. In the past few years, Proton VPN has become an important tool, helping to ensure free communication for tens of millions of people during times of chaos and war around the world.

Since we launched Proton VPN, we have been working on technology to prevent surveillance and censorship. For example, in 2017 we launched Secure Core VPN, which provides greater privacy than traditional VPN services.

In 2020, we launched Alternate Routing, which bypasses VPN restrictions by redirecting our connections to other, more difficult-to-find routes. Finally, in 2021, we launched VPN Accelerator, a special technology that delivers 400% connection speed, which is very important for users in remote areas with slow internet.

While we’re working hard to build anti-restriction VPNs, tyrants have also stepped up their efforts to block VPNs. Traditional VPN protocols (such as OpenVPN, IKEv2 and WireGuard) are easy to understand on the network. And as DPI technology expands, it will become easier and easier for VPNs with the ability to detect and prevent the use of these methods.

For years, there have been various projects to try and break existing VPN systems, but most of them are hacks on top of existing systems that aren’t good enough to work properly anymore. We designed our Stealth policy from the ground up to avoid these problems. With Stealth enabled, your Proton VPN connection will be completely undetectable. Stealth is available in all Proton VPN plans, including our free plan, because everyone deserves internet freedom. For now, you can use Stealth on our Android, macOS and iOS apps.

How to use Stealth?

To enable Stealth, open the Proton VPN app on your device. On Android, tap ☰ → Settings → Advanced → Protocol and select Stealth.
On iOS and iPadOS, tap Settings → Security Options → Protocols and select Stealth. On macOS, ProtonVPN on macOS taskbar → Preferences → Connections → Protocol and select Stealth from the drop-down menu.
Learn more about changing ProtonVPN settings

How does the Stealth VPN protocol work? Stealth uses obfuscation to hide your VPN connection from hackers. The general idea is to make VPN traffic look like “normal” traffic – or a normal HTTPS connection. To do this, Stealth uses an encrypted TLS tunnel over TCP. This differs from popular VPN protocols that often use UDP, making it easier to detect and block. Without going into too much detail, Stealth also creates VPN connections in a unique way that avoids internet filters.

Despite these limitations, the Stealth VPN system is also optimized for high performance and compatible with our VPN Accelerator technology. Combined with our lightweight internals, Stealth can achieve higher performance than closed VPN protocols that are often built on top of Open ProtonVPN rather than TCP.

The war continues

We would like to thank the Proton team who helped us test the Stealth VPN protocol over the past two months. They live under a restrictive regime, and Stealth would not have been able to develop without their help. Thank you. However, in the ever-changing fight for online freedom, our work is not done. For this reason, we designed Stealth to be a flexible and flexible VPN system to meet new challenges.

The cause of freedom has no boundaries and we must unite to make it successful. Apps like ProtonVPN play an important role in keeping the internet free. Our investment in technology like Stealth is part of our commitment to provide online privacy to everyone, regardless of their ability to pay.

Proton VPN will always be free, but if you want to support our mission of keeping the internet free and open for all, you can subscribe to a paid plan that offers even faster speeds and premium features.

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