Why You Should Use Your Smartphone Without a Case

Common sense says that you should use a case to protect your precious iPhone or Android smartphone. For some, that’s a good idea. But there are good reasons why many people may not want it. We will explore options.

Licensing and cloud support means less hassle

Some smartphones, such as the iPhone, are very expensive, which makes some people worry about accidental damage from falls or the like. This is probably the main reason why people use cases to protect their phones. Fortunately, some manufacturers offer comprehensive accidental damage coverage, making the no-fault option less risky.

For example, Apple’s AppleCare+ plan covers two incidents of accidental damage every 12 months and costs: $29 for screen/glass damage and $99 for anything else. So you don’t have to fear a cracked screen on your $800 iPhone like you would without AppleCare+.

In the Android world, Google offers Care Care for its Pixel phones and Samsung offers Samsung Care+ for its phones. Both offer similar fees for emergency repairs ($29 for a cracked windshield, for example).

And if you’re worried about losing your data if you accidentally break your phone, an automatic cloud backup option (like Apple’s iCloud+ or Google One) can focus your attention. If you damage or lose your phone, you can easily restore from cloud storage to a new or repaired device.

Obviously, these licenses and backup plans cost extra, so they’re not for everyone, but they serve as cheap insurance against damage and data loss.

Put your phone away iPhone Live Text in iOS 15.

Now that we’ve proven that you can skip the trial and relax with an updated warranty and a refund, you can enjoy the benefits of a trial-free life. Here are a few:

  • Small and light: Without a case, your phone will be thin and light, easily fitting into a pocket or purse. It also means that plastic bags won’t trap eggs or collect lint.
  • Better: Many people buy smart smartphones and hide them in black cases. Without judgment, you can show the world the color and beauty of your phone’s background design. No Motion Interference: Some phone cases restrict motion, especially those that involve moving from the edge of the screen inward. Without judgment, these exercises are easy to do.
  • Less waste: Every year, manufacturers produce millions of mobile phones. Have you checked out your local Target clearance store lately? It is often filled with unsold tools. If you don’t buy a case, it’s a small piece of trash to put in the trash once your phone is obsolete. If enough people didn’t buy cases (and phones were easier to repair), the case market size would drop, and overall case waste would decrease.
  • Less wireless charging interference: Of course, there are many cases compatible with wireless charging standards like MagSafe and Qi, but some of them are more expensive than others. No case, you can pay in the air without any problems.

Case options: skins, decals and screen protectors

Instead of enclosing your iPhone or Android device in a case, there are other options that do not add much weight and thickness. To customize the phone’s look, you can use skins and decals to add style (from cute to cute, and everything in between) and scratch protection to your phone’s body. To protect your phone’s screen from cracks and scratches, you can install a thin screen protector, which is a clear glass or plastic that sticks to the top of your phone’s screen. Screen protectors are usually cheaper than cases, which is another plus.

When should you use Cover

Let’s face it: for some people, smartphone cases still make sense. For example, if you use a smartphone for important communications and high-level tasks, or if you always use one in life-and-death situations where someone may die if your smartphone breaks . You’ll want to protect your smartphone, because you can’t repair or replace it right away.

In those cases, you can choose one of the strongest and most popular phone cases, the Otterbox Defender series. They are expensive, but they will protect your phone from bad conditions. Just make sure you find the right model for your smartphone before you buy. In addition, some phone cases add extra battery life (allowing you to work longer without charging) or serve as a wallet for important cards such as your ID or debit card. . They offer more than just protection, so they can be more useful. But if you don’t use a pocket phone, you’re not alone

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