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Stepsapp Pro APK The number of steps is one of the indicators that many people are interested in today. The step index will determine how far you are currently traveling or whether you have reached your initial set goal. But to count steps, you need a special device like a smart watch or wristband.

If you don’t have the above devices, using an app like StepsApp on your device is also a good solution. Basically, this app combines smart algorithms to turn your Android device into a pedometer. Although the publisher’s first product was StepsApp, the app quickly reached over 1 million installs on Google Play.

Support for automatic step counting:
As the name suggests, the main function of StepsApp is to support users in automatic step counting without the use of special devices. Basically, the algorithms of this app work well and allow you to count your daily steps in many different activities, including running, walking, walking for weight loss and more.

In addition, this application is also especially suitable for users who want to get used to walking or track daily activities. In general, the measurement of this application is very accurate, without major deviations of information compared to special measuring devices. Of course, to use it effectively, you need to grant this app certain permissions to access your device.

It provides intelligent statistical data:

Statistics are one of the best features that StepsApp brings to its users. Because of this, the application statistics tables are really different and a lot of detailed information is displayed on the screen. Usually a number of relevant metrics such as steps, calories burned for activities, activity duration, graphs, etc. In addition, all statistical data has many different categories so that users can track it more easily. Set effective goals.

If you’re not really committed to completing your daily step count, the goal setting feature available in StepsApp will help. This is a much needed feature for users who are inactive or impatient. So you need to enter the number of steps you want to move per day, the number of calories, the number of steps or the training time. The more detailed the input data, the closer the target completion time. Additionally, the app will automatically send a notification to your device if you don’t meet a set goal.

Support for connecting with smart wearable devices:
In addition to being able to work independently, StepsApp can also connect to smart wearable devices and synchronize data more easily. So just download this app and then enable Bluetooth connection on available devices for direct connection. However, it may not support and be compatible with all functions as the manufacturer’s standard application. In addition, this application supports more than 20 different languages ​​to provide users with easy access.

Share your personal successes – Stepsapp Pro APK:
After a long period of exercise, you can share your personal training parameters with your surroundings through this application. StepsApp is compatible with most of today’s social networking apps. So you need to click on the available share icon to start the sharing process immediately. Words of encouragement or even surprises from loved ones can be a good source of motivation for you.

Customize the user interface:
The StepsApp user interface is very simple with parameters displayed intuitively on the screen. You allow the application to see the available parameters and work with the main functions. Because of this, dark tones make this application more vivid from the user’s point of view. If you want to experience something new, you can change the color of the app indicators through 6 available colors.

How to install Stepsapp Pro APK:

  • Step 1: Download the APK version of Calorie Counter from Stepsapp Pro APK.
  • Step 2: Unlock unknown sources on your Android device.
  • Step 3: Click Install. Step 4: Follow the on-screen instructions to open the app, log in, and enjoy the pedometer feature on your phone.
  • Download StepsApp MOD APK for Android
    Although it doesn’t have many unique features, StepsApp will perfectly support your step count. This application is intended to meet the needs of users to count steps and has no other functions. However, we believe that a good app should only focus on one specific aspect, and luckily this one works effectively.

Features of StepsApp Pedometer MOD:

  1. StepsApp pedometer has everything unlocked
  2. StepsApp Pedometer No ads
  3. StepsApp Premium FULL Pedometer
  4. Free Download MOD File and Apk File


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