Blob Hero Mod APK (Unlimited Gold, Mega Menu) Download

Blob Hero Mod APK many special characters in a team battle where Blob can split up and fight everyone. The field size map is displayed from a third-party perspective. Players face an army that uses a variety of high-damage weapons. Many new chapters will have special heroes that will make the game even more exciting. The journey begins with a series of new skills that you will experience. Hero Blob Hero Blob

All the way to increase your power in Blob Hero you will face different challenges. Many enemies and many obstacles will create all the chaos in the arena. Each match is considered a level; if you reach the desired strength, you can continue to the next level. Food and mana are distributed on the field, but it is difficult to eat them because there are many swords attacking you. Only by combining the power source can you accomplish this challenging task.

The number of more than 30 skills will challenge the players while participating in Blob Hero. They are not only used against you and your movement, but also affect your energy quest. Fighting is fair game; with the split ability you will split into many new individuals and take on soldiers. Just double the number, you have more partners to use this skill.


Blob Hero Mod APK:
Many new characters are created, they have the same appearance characteristics. Blob Hero differentiates characters by color and face. Familiar characters such as rainbow uncle, panda, ghost or mischievous little girl. Players gradually unlock them when they meet the conditions required by the system. If you want to own them, you will lose a lot of money. Your choices can change the outcome of the battle. It’s dramatic when the boss steps in and ups the ante.

Blob Hero has an exciting story about a long war between humans and alien creatures in a fantasy world. To sustain life, the Blob Army splits its body and consumes the energy found in the field. Exciting skills help them against enemies and quickly gain enough energy to move to new levels. Skills and character collections are the areas that give you the most options. The process of manipulating stubborn people with countless unforgettable memories!

How to install Blob Hero Mod APK

  • Step 1: Download Blob Hero MOD version exclusively developed by
  • Step 2: Unlock unknown sources on your Android device to allow “Blob Hero” access to the installer.
  • Step 3: Open Blob file. Select Install.
  • Step 4: Wait for the installation process and then click on the game icon to experience it directly.

Download Blob Hero MOD APK for Android

  • In Blob Hero, you have to help the main character complete his mission to protect the world from danger. You must act now to become the savior of all mankind. In addition, you can also download the MOD version on our website to increase your winnings when you experience this game.
  • Engage in a chaotic battle between aliens and humans using all the skills you have.
  • Upgrade the quality of the updated version with new levels and new multiplayer. Upgrade your power with new skills and buy more upgrade cards.
  • Build stamina by gathering more strength in the ring and smashing the body.
  • Select the skill you want to use, track the character you want and check it for the next match.
  • God Mod
  • A golden injection
  • Long range magnet
  • Movement speed multiplier


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