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Bloody Bastards APK is a 2D fighting game that pits two fighters against each other in contrived and brutal combat. Each soldier has their own weapon, such as a knife, sword or hammer, so be prepared to be covered in blood.

Controls in Bloody Bastards are perfect for touch screens. All you have to do is touch the edge of the screen to make your character move left or right. However, in order to attack, you need to touch the sides of the screen and make the necessary movements with each hand. In other words, the gameplay is similar to what we saw in Surgeon Simulator or QWOP, but applied to combat.

In Bloody Bastards you will find three different game modes. The first is a sort of story mode where you have to face increasingly difficult enemies. The second is the wave mode, where you can constantly fight enemies while you defeat them all. And finally, the third is a multiplayer mode in which you can fight with other players.

When you start playing as usual, you have almost no weapons or equipment. You start the game with only a knife and a wooden shield. However, as you win battles and earn money, you can buy armor, axes, swords, hammers, and more. Of course, one thing you can do early on is to customize the look of your warrior.

Bloody Bastards is an excellent 2D fighting game that offers a fun and brutal gameplay. Simple graphics combined with an excellent physics engine make exciting battles unforgettable.

Bloody Bastards APK Features

  • Bloody Bastards APK: Do you like fighting games? Have fun today with Bloody Bastards and fight a bunch of hooligans on your way.
  • Fight to the death: Throughout history, there have been many fights between peoples. But before weapons, people used edged weapons and armor in battle. This is an era when many courageous people roam the streets and are not afraid to fight. If you love this type of combat, download Bloody Bastards today. Experience today’s intense and fun combat with ragdoll physics and pixel art.
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    Here you will fight to the death in classic 2D gameplay. Chop enemies and dodge their attacks. Don’t let them hit you because they will have weapons and armor too. By the way, you can freely buy various in-game weapons such as hammers, swords, axes, maces and more! The more you win, the more money you can get to unlock a lot of items and armor.
  • Use of different weapons: Of course, gunfights are fun, and everything is similar to what we often see in battle royale. But if you like more manly combat, then Bloody Bastards is the game to play. Here you will enjoy nothing but bloody battles while you prove your skills on the field today. Don’t be afraid of your opponents when you attack them with your sword. Enjoy unlocking various weapons such as axes, knives, whips, hammers and more today.
  • Put on a lot of armor: Bloody Bastard gives you money every time you win a level here. With it, you can buy both weapons and armor! There are hundreds of items and armor that you can unlock and use today. From shields to flak jackets and even helmets, there are many things you can use to protect yourself. You can even wear full golden armor if you have the money to do so. It must be nice to see your progress!
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    Complete the steps. In each level here you will face opponents with the same amount of power and skill. You must survive them in today’s battle of strength and mind. You must fight to the death by hitting the opponent’s health. As you win more stages, you will face more formidable enemies armed with powerful weapons and armor!
  • Ragdoll physics and pixel art – What makes this game fun is the ragdoll physics and pixel art. This sets the tone for the entire game that you can enjoy.

Download Bloody Bastards APK All Unblocked

  • Playing games on your smartphone can be a great way to pass the time. Some of them are so addictive that you will play until your phone’s battery runs out. But if you’re looking for something a little moreā€¦deeper, then maybe you should download and play Bloody Bastards.

    Bloody Bastards APK is a mobile first-person shooter for adults that takes place in an alternate reality version where you shoot everything that moves and everyone that doesn’t.
  • Blood Bastard MOD APK: Bloody Bastards APK is a fun, fast-paced shooter where you’ll find all your favorite first person shooters. You will be fighting hundreds of enemy soldiers as you complete missions and try to increase your kill count over time. Play online against other players or offline against AI bots.

    If online gaming isn’t your thing, there are a number of exercises to hone your skills and challenge yourself in a variety of ways.


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