Where to Download Windows 10, 8.1, and 7 ISOs Legally

You can reinstall Windows from scratch using the product key that came with your PC, but you’ll have to find the installation media yourself. Microsoft provides free ISO files for download; you just need to know where to look. There are a few ways to do this, but they’re all in the right direction – … Read more

Windows 11 Opens the Floodgates for Third-Party Widgets

Windows 11 introduced a new panel for widgets, providing easy access to information such as weather, upcoming calendar events, and traffic data. Only Microsoft could create widgets, but that has now changed. Microsoft announced in May that it is working on a way for third-party applications (software not made by Microsoft) to add their own … Read more

It’s Okay to Keep Your Tablet in a Drawer

There is not a single area of ​​life that is not affected by technology. We’ve gone from turning broken pages to cleaning. From recording songs as they explode in the air to listening on demand. Maybe you’re close to the screen (you’re here, all the time). In fact, technology allows us to do many amazing … Read more

Beginner Geek: How to Create and Use Virtual Machines

A virtual machine lets you run an operating system and application window on your desktop that creates a complete, separate computer. You can use them to play around with different operating systems, run software on your main operating system, and test applications in sandbox environments. There are many free virtual machine (VM) tools out there, … Read more

22 Classic Windows Games You Can Play Right Now


Do you fondly remember playing card games in school on the Windows 95 workstation? Perhaps you spent time in an early 1990s office cubicle looking for mines. You can replay classic Windows games from the past today. We will show you how to do it. Play the classic games coming to WindowsThe games shown below … Read more

How Many CPU Cores Do You Really Need for Gaming?

Conventional wisdom seems to be that quad-core CPUs are dead as a viable gaming solution. Even a mid-range PC has more than four cores, but what is the right number when it comes to your gaming PC? The basis of cores and threads The main processor is actually a complete, independent processor. A quad-core processor … Read more

How to Control Your Apple Watch with Your iPhone

With the right combination of Apple Watch, iPhone, and software, you can control your wearable device with your phone. Apple added the Watch Mirroring feature under the accessibility umbrella, but it’s a trick anyone can use. How to Enable Apple Watch Mirroring To use Apple Watch Mirroring, you will need an Apple Watch Series 6, … Read more

Deleting Facebook is Good? Do These Things First

Taking a clean break from Facebook can seem tempting, until you get into issues like logging into an account and leaving some contacts. If you do not know how to deal with these problems, it is not easy to get freedom from Facebook. Just because it’s not easy doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put a mask … Read more

How to Turn Off a PS4?

Are you ready to take a break from the game? If so, it’s easy to turn off your PlayStation PS4 with or without a controller. We will show you how to do it Close the PS4 and the console If you have access to your PS4 controller, you can use it to disable your controller … Read more

What Is a Phantom Load?

Read any article about energy efficiency or saving on your electric bill, and you’re bound to hear about phantom loads. But what exactly? What is Phantom Load? There are different words used to describe what we are talking about today. In addition to the term “phantom charge,” you may also hear phrases like vampire draw, … Read more

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