The Best Gaming Controllers of 2022

Choosing the right sports manager in 2022 Video game controllers have become a popular genre that many gamers know and love. Sony laid the foundation for the current design with the release of the Dual Analog (and later DualShock) controller for the first PlayStation in 1997. It was the first to incorporate two analog sticks, … Read more

Why Does My Phone Keep Randomly Restarting?

Whether it’s an Android phone or an iPhone, a smartphone under normal operating conditions should not restart the phone without any interaction from you. Such behavior can indicate a number of issues that may require your attention. Here are some reasons why the phone may restart on its own. Outdated System Software Outdated system software … Read more

Facebook Shouldn’t Own the Metaverse in 2022

Less than a year ago, Facebook’s parent company changed its name: Meta. And by the way, it is popular and believe in the word Metaverse. While no one really believes what the Metaverse is, it’s looking more like VR and The Matrix. And the scariest part of that is Facebook. Don’t get me wrong, I’m … Read more

Which Kindle Should You Buy?


Kindle is a great way to read, and e-readers have many advantages over paper books. However, there isn’t just one Kindle to choose from. From Paperwhite to Oasis to Kids Edition, we’ll help you find the right one. There have been many different Kindle e-readers over the years. At first, there was only Kindle. Amazon … Read more

The Best Halloween Movies on Netflix in 2022

Halloween is a scary time, but not all perfect Halloween movies need to be scary. From truly scary stories to hilarious stories, here are the best Halloween movies to watch on Netflix. Guillermo del Toro lovingly recreates the tone and style of the vintage gothic novel in Crimson Peak Influenced by classic books like Jane … Read more

ProtonVPN Releases Stealth Protocol to Dodge Internet Censorship 2022

We have launched a new ProtonVPN method, Stealth, which can avoid detection and allow you to bypass internet censorship and VPN restrictions. We are proud to announce Stealth, a new undetectable VPN solution that can bypass most firewalls and VPN blocking methods. You’ll be able to bypass advanced VPN blocks, access censored sites, and chat … Read more

Decoded Streams IPTV for Android, Firestick, PC-How to Stream


Decoded Streams IPTV App is a social media app—a fun, captivating means of expression. Decoder App takes a message, turns it into an acronym or “code,” and posts this to your social media as your own “code” language that only others w/ the Decoder App can Decode. Decoded Streams IPTV is a subscription-based IPTV provider … Read more Protection Status